VirtualC64 V4.0

It has been a while since the last version of VirtualC64 was released and there have been no updates since then. But as of today VirtualC64 4.0 is finally ready to go. Pleases note that this and later releases are distributed exclusively via GitHub:

The distribution of auto-updates will be discontinued as the support of the Sparkle framework requires more maintenance effort than we can currently afford.

VirtualC64 V3.4


New in Version 3.4

  • Added support for MikroAss and ISEPIC cartridges.
  • Added support for iNNEXT gamepads.
  • Added more Rom fingerprints.
  • Updated reSID to version 3.4.
  • Some smaller bug fixes.

VirtualC64 V3.3


New in Version 3.3.2

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sound engine to shut down when an emulator window got closed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Home key on MacBook Pros with Touch Bars.
  • SwiftLint has been integrated into the XCode build tool chain.

New in Version 3.3.1

  • Code base has been ported to XCode 10.2 and Swift 5.0.
  • Fixed several bugs that caused the emulator to crash randomly when eclosing an emulator window.
  • Gamepad events will prevent the Mac from going into sleep mode.
  • The lists of recently inserted URLs are shared across multiple documents.

New in Version 3.3

  • Preferences

    • All emulator preferences dialogs have been merged into a unified preferences panel.
    • New options in the emulator settings allow the user to customize the actions taken when opening a media file.
    • The input device selection is now retained in the user default storage.
    • JiffyDOS Rom images have been added to the list of known images.
  • CRT Monitor emulation

    • Dot mask emulation has been modified to not darken the screen any more.
    • It is now possible to set the bloom radius individually for each color channel.
    • Cathode rays can be shifted relative to each other.
  • Cartridges

    • Added support for the Expert cartridge.
    • Cardridge buttons are now displayed in the bottom bar as small (clickable) icons.
  • Screenshots

    • Now users can choose whether to save the emulator texture (low res) or the upscaled texture (hi res).
    • If menu item "Save Snapshot..." is selected, emulation is paused until the screenshot has been saved.
  • Audio

    • Upgraded ReSID to the version used in VICE V3.3.
    • While the emulator is running, the sampling rate is adjusted automatically to reduce buffer underflows and overflows.
    • Fixed a bug that made FastSID unusable on audio hardware with a sample rate other than 44.1khz.
  • Joystick emulation

    • The assignment of keystrokes to joystick events has been improved when multiple keys are pressed at the same time.

VirtualC64 V3.2


New in Version 3.2

  • Added support for Kingsoft, StarDos, and Atomic Power cartridges.
  • Revised the Rom dialog. It can be opened manually in the hardware settings now.
  • Improved the CRT monitor emulation and redesigned the emulator settings window to make video options easier to control.
  • Fixed a bug in the VICII implementation that caused too many rasterline IRQs to be triggered under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in the VICII implementation that caused too many sprite-sprite and sprite-background IRQs to be triggered.
  • Improved the emulation accuracy of the sprite shift register emulation.
  • Fixed several user interface issues in the sprite debug panel.
  • In positional key mapping mode, the left and right shift key are now treated as two different keys.
  • Starting with this version, VirtualC64 offers limited scripting support via Apple's Open Scripting Architecture. It can be controlled remotely via Applescript or JXA (JavaScript for Automation).

VirtualC64 V3.1


New in Version 3.1.1

  • Screenshots can be taken again (was broken in 3.1).
  • Scanline emulation has been slightly improved.

New in Version 3.1

  • A modified version of the crt-pi shader (CRT for Raspberry Pi) is utilized for CRT monitor emulation. The shader parameters can be adjusted in the newly designed emulator preferences window in real-time.
  • Added support for cartridges of type KCS and EasyFlash.
  • Fixed VICE test fldscroll.prg which was broken since V3.0.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to read wrong memory results from unmapped Ram in Ultimax mode.

VirtualC64 V3.0


New in Version 3.0.1

  • VICII bank switching is more accurate.
  • Passing VICE tests spritescan.prg, ss-hires-mc-exp.prg, and ss-mc-hires-exp.prg
  • Milestone reached: VirtualC64 passes the Krestage 3 VICII check.

New in Version 3.0

  • Version 3 is fully compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave. It also features a new GUI design, improved hardware support and a revised color palette.