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Release details
Version:1.0 (learn more)
Post Date:Oct 2, 2015
File Size:3.0 MB (Zip file)
ROMs:not included
Project details
Project lead:Dirk W. Hoffmann
Project members:Credits
Operating system:Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)


VirtualC64 emulates a Commodore 64 personal computer on your Macintosh. I started the project in 2006 to create a virtual CPU environment that can be used as a demonstrator program in a first year or second year course on computer engineering. Over the years, I have added more and more features and emulation accuracy has increased steadily. Although the emulator still does not reach the awesome compatibility of VICE, VirtualC64 can call itself a full-grown Commodore 64 emulator by now without hesitation.


The VirtualC64 project is based on three major goals. First of all, I am trying to achieve high compatibility by emulating all components cycle accurately. Secondly, I want to create a fun-to-use emulator that presents itself as user-friendly as it can get. Last but not least I am trying to maintain a well-documented and easy-to-read codebase that makes it easy to add new features. If you agree with VirtualC64's philosophy, you are welcome to join the project. The core emulator is written in C++ and the graphical user interface is a native Cocoa application written in Objective-C. Please note that I don't want to port the emulator to any other operating system yet. VirtualC64 is open source software published under the GNU general public license.

Supported ROM images*
Kernel Rom
Header:85 56 20
Size:8 KB
Basic Rom
Header:94 E3 7B
Size:8 KB
Character Rom
Header:3C 66 6E
Size:4 KB
VC1541 Rom
Header:97 AA AA
Header:97 E0 43
Size:16 KB

*Due to copyright restrictions, ROM images are not part of the emulator.